Case Study: A New Restaurant POS System for Nashville’s Mitchell Delicatessen

Mitchell Delicatessen in East Nashville first opened its doors in 2008, and quickly gained a reputation for having the best sandwiches in Nashville. Mitchell’s has received numerous accolades on both local and national levels, including, The 21 Best Sandwiches in America*, a feature on an episode of Adam Richman’s Best Sandwiches in America – South Episode**, and Best Deli in Nashville***. After nine years in business, Mitchell’s continues to create amazing food using locally sourced high quality, natural ingredients. However, their restaurant POS system was beginning to lead to frustration and inefficiency.

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Clover® POS System to the Rescue

Once owners David and Wendi Mitchell became frustrated with the shortcomings of their existing point of sale system, they began to look into other options. After much research, the Mitchell’s decided to purchase a Clover® Point of Sale from E-Payment Solutions, a local point of sale software company in Nashville that specializes in payment processing. With the assistance of E-Payment Solutions, the deli now operates using two Clover Station bundles, two Clover Mobile devices, and a kitchen printer to process payments and streamline their internal business processes.

The availability and accuracy of business reports is paramount to any business. On a regular basis, the former system’s reporting was inaccurate and reports could only be accessed at the restaurant. With Clover POS System, the Mitchell’s now have access to extensive reports from anywhere they have an internet connection, and they can filter that data as needed for reconciliation purposes.  It has never been so convenient for the Mitchell’s to run their business!

Additionally, the Mitchell’s former system was very complicated, limiting the ability to easily adjust menu items, prices, modifiers, employee information, etc. Clover is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to make changes from any Clover device or from Clover’s Web Dashboard within seconds. The changes also sync automatically to linked Clover devices.  These streamlined, intuitive characteristics are carried across Clover’s entire software, making it easy to train staff and up-train managers on system functions.

Local Support Structure for Restaurant POS System

Another major pain point for Mitchell’s was the inability to receive the support they needed.  What’s worse, the support they did receive was extremely expensive. For a busy delicatessen with a fast-paced business model, Clover is efficient and reliable. With E-Payment Solutions’ local support structure, backed by Electronic Payments’ 24/7 Technical Support, they now have multiple layers of outstanding service when needed at no cost.

With Clover, Mitchell’s had the opportunity to select from a wide variety of hardware options, further meeting their diverse business needs.  For instance, the Mitchell’s selected two Clover Mobile devices that can be used for line-busting during the busiest hours, allowing them to increase their serving capacity and uphold customer satisfaction.

Prior to adding online ordering, the Mitchell’s were unable to facilitate incoming phone orders for takeout. With quick and easy access to the Clover® App Market, they found a solution in Menufy, an online ordering app that has helped increase business, simplify carryout orders, and offer a service that their customers really appreciate.

“We really love the search capabilities with Clover,” stated Wendi Mitchell. “Simply typing in one or two letters will pull up the pertinent information, whether a menu item or a previous order. Some of our cashiers use the search option on every order. We also really enjoy the on-screen signature and tipping capabilities and the ability to choose the receipt options (email, print or text).”

The Bottom Line

The implementation of Clover has been a huge success. The pain points experienced with the previous point of sale system have been solved and Clover has proven to be a cost-effective, efficient and reliable system that has helped Mitchell Deli uphold their success. Additionally, the Mitchell’s are very pleased with the professional level of support, especially the responsive and knowledgeable local support provided by the E-payment Solutions team in Nashville.

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