If you are searching the web for Nashville credit card processing solutions then the ProCharge Payment Gateway may be right for you. Imagine – a comprehensive merchant account solution so simplified and easy to manage, you won’t mind working on your day off!


procharge-payment-gatewayOur user friendly gateway does all the normal stuff like process sales, refunds, gift card transactions, etc, but Procharge also includes some very robust features such as…

  • Customer Database with secure cardholder data storage (100% PCI compliant)
  • Recurring Billing feature that performs automated billing of your customers on just about any recurring schedule you choose
  • Email Invoicing with payment link that simplifies the invoicing process and significantly speeds up payment
  • Hosted website payment link allows your customers to click a link on your website to make a payment

nashville credit card processing


ProCharge + turns your android or ios mobile device into a handheld point of sale solution. Procharge + allows you to accept a card swiped payment transaction anywhere your mobile device has access to the internet.

Procharge + securely encrypts all data, is simple to use, and we offer 24/7 technical support in case you have any questions or need help.


ProCharge® Plugin streamlines your entire accounting process. Simply login to your existing QuickBooks® account and your transaction and billing data will automatically integrate – in real-time! You’ll be able to manage batch processing, e-invoicing, recurring billing, and refunds directly through the accounting software. Additionally, all sensitive cardholder data is securely stored for future use, so you won’t have to keep asking your customers for the same classified credit card information.

  • Process transactions with QuickBooks® Accounting Software
  • Secure storage and processing of cardholder data
  • Feature-rich application

Multi-user capable where supported; see system requirements for version information.