Insider Advice on Charge Card Sales for Quick Service Restaurants

Do you own a “quick serve” or “fast food” restaurant? Are you looking for some quick tips to make your business run smoother and more profitably? Here’s some insider advice about one improvement that can result in multiple benefits – the right Point of Sale (POS) system.

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Making Fast Food Faster

Your patrons will have a better experience paying with their charge cards if your POS system makes ordering and paying fast and accurate. The new technology in the right POS systems can simplify and speed up the entire process. For example, you can:

  • Make long lines disappear by taking orders with a handheld device.
  • Save patrons time and trouble by eliminating the need to sign the charge card receipt. VISA does not require a signature if the bill is under $25. Mastercard does not require a signature if the bill is under $50. Soon both Mastercard and Discover will do away with the signature altogether.
  • Save patrons who come in groups the time of splitting the check or combining the checks. The POS can do that for you. So, it’s faster and easier for your employees and customers too.

Getting the Order Right!

Don’t you hate it when you ask for “no mayonnaise,” and your sandwich comes with mayonnaise slathered all over it? With the right restaurant POS system and the right programming of the POS, mistakes from poorly handwritten tickets can be a thing of the past. Fewer mistakes means happier customers.

Making More Money

Making more money is not always a matter of raising your prices. You also can make more money by cutting expenses or increasing sales volume. Here are three ways to make more money with a POS:

  • Use a POS that includes on-screen tipping. Customers like this option, BUT employees like it even more! Reports show that onscreen tipping significantly increases tips earned. This amounts to a nice pay increase for your employees that you don’t have to fund. It also contributes to less employee turn-over. As a result, you save money in training costs.
  • Use a POS that allows you to go paperless on receipts. You can send the receipt by email or text and save money on paper. It also saves the customer something too – the time it takes to deal with one more piece of clutter. It’s a win – win.
  • Use a POS that communicates with an online ordering system. If your restaurant is not doing this now, you are losing business to your competitors! Consumers want this convenience, and they spend more when ordering online.

Getting the Right POS

The Clover Point of Sale family of products provides the ability to do all the tasks suggested in this blog. For more detailed information about the different Clover POS systems and a free demo please request a quote or call E-Payment Solutions at 615-902-0300.