Clover Testimonials

Below are testimonials from E-Payment Solutions clients who use the Clover Point of Sale System

The American Legion

In July of 2016 we started researching POS systems for our business in an effort to improve operations and increase profitability. After doing our research we decided to go with the Clover POS system through E-payment Solutions.

Prior to our new Clover POS system our staff was hand writing tickets and having to write down bar tabs on paper. This was extremely time consuming, difficult to track, and resulted in lost sales. Now with Clover POS we are able to easily and quickly save and re-open tabs and search for tabs in a number of different ways. This feature alone has helped us save considerable time and increase profitability.

The Homebase app (FREE) on our Clover POS has also helped us better manage and track our employees hours. The system even requires every employee to clock in before they can ring up orders, eliminating the need to manually adjust employee hours for payroll processing.

Cory with E-Payment Solutions did a great job getting us set up and spent 4 + hours with us on-site helping us learn the new system. The time he spent with us was invaluable and made our transition to Clover very easy. Cory also stays in close contact with us to make sure we don’t have any issues or questions.
We are very happy with our decision to work with Cory at E-payment Solutions and the Clover Point of Sale System. We highly recommend both Cory and the Clover POS System!

Janice McCormack
Bar Manager
American Legion Post 82

Jenny and Jeffry Tobacco & Beer

My name is Hany Basili, and I own Jenny and Jeffry Tobacco and Beer in Spring Hill TN. In July of 2016 I met with Cory Schroder with E-Payment Solutions to learn more about his Clover Point of Sale System. Cory showed me the system and explained how it would help my business. The system was very affordable, and he was able to save me enough money each month to almost pay for my new Clover POS system.

The Clover system has helped my business in many ways:

  • Having all inventory and pricing in the POS system ensures that my employees charge the correct price on every item purchased every time.
  • The barcode scanner speeds up the checkout process and the customer facing display shows the customer exactly what we are ringing up. Our customer’s love the customer facing display.
  • The Cloud based system allows me to know what is happening at my store even when I am not there. I am also able to make changes from home or anywhere I have an internet connection.
  • The Age verification app ensures that my employees will ask for identification on any age restricted products and helps me reduce the risk of employees forgetting to ask for id.
  • The system helps me manage inventory and understand what is selling and what is not
  • The system also help us easily keep track of sales tax

Cory helped us transition to the Clover system by spending 6+ hours here at our store on several occasions helping us enter inventory, and learn how to use the new system. The time he spent with us made the transition very simple and smooth. We are extremely happy with the Clover system and with Cory Schroder at E-payment Solutions. We would highly recommend them both!

Hany Basili
Jenny and Jeffry Tobacco & Beer
Spring Hill, TN

The Cupcake Collection

We are writing this letter to explain our experience working with Cory Schroder and E-Payment Solutions (EPS), and our recent conversion to their Clover POS system. We have worked with Cory at EPS since 2010 for the following reasons:

  • They are honest, fair and offer extremely low pricing
  • Their customer service is amazing
  • They are local and extremely responsive when we have questions or need help (Cory + local support staff (Carol and Gina))
  • Cory is extremely knowledgeable about the credit card processing industry

In mid-2016 we decided it was time to change our Point of Sale system and asked Cory for some recommendations. Cory met with us, listened to our needs and did a demo on his company’s Clover POS System. We decided to move forward with their POS solution ( 1 Clover station bundle and 2 Clover Mini stations) and have been very happy with our decision for the following reasons…Cory spent a significant amount of time building our menu and doing onsite training …this detailed training ensured that we had a smooth POS transition

  • Clover is very user friendly … Our team was able to quickly learn the system
  • The system is very affordable
  • Clover has many great features that customers love…ability to text and email receipts, look up customer history, etc
  • The reporting systems are amazing…Totals for a particular period, how certain menu items are selling, employee hours, discounts, etc, etc
  • Great support resources…wonderful search capabilities and tutorials on

Based on our experience working with Cory and E-Payment Solutions for 6+ years, we highly recommend their payment processing and Point of Sale Solutions.

Mignon Francois
The Cupcake Collection
Nashville, TN 37208