Other Payment Solutions and Services

E-payment Solutions specializes in merchant services Nashville business owners can count on. We have a variety of payment solutions that will help make running your business and processing payments easier. Whatever your business, whatever your needs, we have a payment solution to help.

Debit & Credit Card Processing

merchant services nashvilleWe have customized processing solutions for all industry categories: Retail, Restaurant, e-commerce, Mail / Telephone order, and Business to Business.

We enable our clients to accept all major card types (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club) through a variety of different payment processing terminals and gateways.

We can likely use your existing processing equipment or make recommendations on a solution that will better suit your needs.

Gift Card & Loyalty Programs

Gift and loyalty cards are POWERFUL tools that can benefit your business and your customers! At E-Payment Solutions we do not just sell a gift card program…we work with you to develop a program that incents your customers to buy more gift cards and ultimately maximize your profits.

gift cards nashville

Merchant Benefits of Gift & Loyalty Programs

Increased Sales and Revenue – Gift cards are one of the most popular gifts given and have been proven to significantly outsell paper gift certificates.  Fifty six percent of gift card users spend more than the value on their gift card.

Breakage – Unlike paper gift certificates, cash is not reimbursed to customers who do not redeem the full gift card value. Estimates state that approximately 10-20% of gift card balances are never used.

Marketing Value – Gift and loyalty cards are a “Billboard in the wallet” that creates a direct  connection with customers that results in increased sales. Gift and Loyalty cards are a great way to drive more customers into your store and increase loyalty among your existing customers.

Fraud Prevention – Gift and loyalty cards require activation to be used and contain other security features to help minimize the risk of theft and fraud.

Customer Benefits of Gift & Loyalty Programs

Gift cards save your customers valuable time because they are an easy gift solution. And the buyer knows that the recipients will get something they like.

ATM Sales & Service


An ATM machine can benefit many types of businesses including: Restaurants/bars, convenience stores, office buildings, apartment buildings, gas stations, golf courses, and many others.

ATM benefits include:

  • ATM’s can provide a significant revenue stream
  • ATM’s will increase customer foot traffic into your business
  • ATM’s are a convenience for your customers

All ATM’s will be required to process cards using the EMV chip by October 1, 2016. The owner of any ATM not processing using the EMV chip after Oct 1, 2016 will be liable for any fraudulent ATM transactions. This is a significant risk that you do NOT want to assume!

Most ATM’s can be upgraded for a reasonable cost, and we are currently offering discounted pricing for any ATM owners that upgrade before August of 2016. Please contact us today to learn more about our ATM solutions and our EMV upgrade program.

Business Loans & Financing

Are you looking to expand your business, but don’t want to go through the hassle and time consuming process of getting a traditional bank loan? We can provide unsecured loans in just a few days. Contact us today to see how much your business can qualify for.

Let’s Chat About Merchant Services

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